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Obesity: The Problem, Detection & Its Cure

Obesity is a common problem, considered a long-term chronic health condition that is growing by leaps and bounds. This issue is primed to increase in the years to come. It is often defined as excessive body fat which is stored in the form of adipose tissue that weakens our body health. It is often considered a curse in recent times because obesity leads to an abnormal increase in weight which is accompanied by innumerable diseases. According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), the issue of obesity has increased thrice the times since 1975. It has become a massive health concern in present times as it further increases the risk factors for many health issues in future. The symptoms of obesity can vary differently in children and adults. There are some parameters which are different as well. There can be common symptoms of obesity in children and adults. Among children there are some common signs of obesity which are as follows: • There is a breathing problem due to physical activity • There is a tendency for the accumulation of fatty tissue in the liver • There is a possibility of stretch marks in the hip and back area • There can be patches of velvet and dark skin around the neck The common psychological symptom of obesity found in children is low self-esteem. The obesity problem is prominent among adults and has its physical symptoms which are as follows: • There is excessive body fat, especially around the waist • It causes excessive sweat • There is a slight breathing problem • There is great difficulty in getting a good night’s sleep. The common psychological symptoms of obesity found in adults are signs of depression, feeling low, low self-esteem, social isolation, etc. There can be many factors that can play a significant role in gaining and retaining excess weight. It includes diet, lack of exercise, environmental factors and genetics. Some of these factors are given below as follows: • Obesity is hereditary. It can run in most families. Genetic influence is known to influence the body in many ways. There is a tendency of how and where the body stores fat, how the body converts energy from food, how the body manages a person’s appetite as well as the body’s tendency to burn calories during the workout. • Our lifestyle choices can affect our body weight and density. An unhealthy diet enriched with calories without essential nutrients can increase body weight. It can be quite risky to drink high-calorie beverages. Apart from bad food habits, a lack of physical activities and exercise can hurt our bodies. • Any person suffering from specific diseases such as Thyroid, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Cushing Syndrome can result in excessive weight gain leading to obesity. The risk factors of obesity can be reduced with the correct treatment of the medical conditions. Obesity can be detected if we notice any kind of weight gain or any kind of obesity symptoms. We should then consult a doctor for a regular check-up and gather good advice. There are various ways of detecting obesity which are as follows: • Reviewing a family health history in terms of eating habits, physical activities, exercise, weight-loss efforts, underlying efforts and medication history. The verification of a family’s health history can also be considered to verify genetic influences. • A Body Mass Index (BMI) with an index exceeding 30 can indicate obesity. If obesity runs in our family, we should get it checked once a year. To cure obesity, the only thing that is required is reducing our weight and maintaining it substantially. There are multiple ways of achieving it which are as follows: • Cultivating healthy eating habits is a key treatment for obesity. We should consume healthy foods instead of calorie-rich foods that promote weight gain. We should follow an appropriate diet chart recommended by a dietician that maintains healthier eating habits and stays within a healthy weight limit. • Regular exercises in the form of yoga class or gym should be part of our daily schedule so that there is regular movement of the body. Obesity is a vital issue which is aggravating in present times. A proper timely diagnosis and proper treatment can help to keep the disease in control. During the time of any obesity symptom, we should utilize our time consulting a doctor on an immediate basis. Treating obesity should be our top priority after consulting a doctor. We should also focus on making drastic changes in our lifestyle. Once obesity is cured, we should avoid following the old lifestyle that would bring back weight gain and other symptoms again. We should maintain a healthy lifestyle and if we have signs of obesity in our family then we should initiate annual health checkups which include BMI and waist measurements.

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